清水 彬仁

Graphic Designer/Art Director

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1983. After graduating from the
faculty of economics at Kansai University, I got a job at a bank.

After going through the design office,such as advertisement, signs, display,
Established LEADER based in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo Prefecture.
Company, store or product branding, C.I, V.I plan, logo design,
Package, sign planning, poster, advertisement, promotion tool,
Visual planning and construction of display, website etc.,
Work on graphic design production through all media.
Currently, Nishinomiya is also active in regional brand
development activities,design creation, lectures,regional
event management and exhibition planning.

Member of Japan Graphic Design Association (JAGDA)
Member of Designers Association (DAS)

… Award

2023 Applied Typography 2024, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2022 Applied Typography 2023, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2022 SDA AWARD(Japan)/Selected

2022 Hiiibrand Awards 2021(China), Identity Category/Merit Award
   [Judge:Woody Pirtle, Paolo Tassinari, Domenic Lippa, Keiko Hirano, Zhizhi Liu]
2022 A' DESIGN AWARD 2021-2022(Italy), Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Category/Platinum A' Design Award
2021 Applied Typography 2022, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2021 The 70th Nishinomiya City Art Exhibition Grand Prix/Selected
2020 Applied Typography 2021, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2020 Hiiibrand Awards 2019(China), Logo Category/Bronze Award
   [Judge:Eddie Opara, Forest Young, Jean-Baptiste Lève, Taku Satoh ,Yoshiaki Irobe, Yu Guang]
2019 Applied Typography 2020, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2018 Applied Typography 2019, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2017 Applied Typography 2018, Mark and Symbol Category/Selected
2017 The 67th Nishinomiya City Art Exhibition Young Encouragement Prize/Selected
2017 Roppongi Designer's Flag Contest 2017/Selected
2016 The 66th Nishinomiya City Art Exhibition/Selected
2016 Roppongi Designer's Flag Contest 2016/Selected
2015 The 65th Nishinomiya City Art Exhibition/Selected[Judge:Midori Imatake,Misa Kataoka,Toshihiko Daimon]
2015 The 7th Roppongi Photo Contest /Gold Prize[Judge:Yoshihiro Tachiki(Photographer)]
2015 Roppongi Designer's Flag Contest 2015/Selected
2014 Roppongi Designer's Flag Contest 2014/Selected
2013 Roppongi Designer's Flag Contest 2013/Selected[Judge:Keisuke Nagatomo,Kaoru Kasai,Masaaki Hiromura]
2008 The 3rd Creative OSAKA Award/Excellence Award[Judge:Kunio Hiramatsu,Mikiko Ejiri,Shinnosuke Sugisaki,Toshikuni Hirayama,Takao Yamada]

… Exhibition
2024.02 Greetings from 100 Creators vol.19/TAKEO Yodoyabashi Mihoncho(Osaka)
2023.02 Greetings from 100 Creators vol.18/TAKEO Yodoyabashi Mihoncho(Osaka)
2022.02 Greetings from 100 Creators vol.17/TAKEO Yodoyabashi Mihoncho(Osaka)
2021.07 The 70th Nishinomiya City Exhibition,Selected Exhibition/Nishinomiya City Municipal Gallery(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2021.01 Greetings from 100 Creators vol.16/TAKEO Yodoyabashi Mihoncho(Osaka)
2020.01 Greetings from 100 Creators vol.15/TAKEO Yodoyabashi Mihoncho(Osaka)
2019.02 DAS ZERO POSTER EXHIBITION /Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts(Osaka)
2018.10 Neo Japonism art in GIFU 2018/Jyouguji(Gifu)
2018.10 The Exihibition,Scarf of Hapiness at Oku-Kagurazaka/Ken's GALLERY(Tokyo,Bunkyo-ku)
2018.02 DAS ZERO POSTER EXHIBITION /Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts(Osaka)
2017.12 Designers Collection 2017 - Final exhibition /Gallery Chayamachi(Osaka)
2017.11 DAS・JAGDA Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Label Design Exhibition /a&w(Osaka)
2017.07 The 67th Nishinomiya City Exhibition,Selected Exhibition/Nishinomiya City Municipal Gallery(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2017.05 The Exihibition,Scarf of Hapiness /URAN-DOU Gallery(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2017.05 PAPER VOICE OSAKA 20th Poster Exihibition /PAPER VOICE OSAKA(Osaka)
2016.07 The 66th Nishinomiya City Exhibition,Selected Exhibition/Nishinomiya City Municipal Gallery(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2016.06 JAGDA exhibition「Dishes of the gods」Exhibition /Gallery Wakokoro(Kyoto,Kamishichiken)
2016.03 NISHINOMIYA+STORY Brand Concept Recital /Stajimo Nishinomiya(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2015.09 DAS & JAGDA, Japanese Sake Label Design Show,Group Exhibition/The Museum Arts&Crafts,Itami(Hyogo,Itami)
2015.07 The 65th Nishinomiya City Exhibition,Selected Exhibition/Nishinomiya City Municipal Gallery(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2015.04 TEN TEN TEN -MINI EXHIBITION- Group Exhibition /Stajimo Nishinomiya(Hyogo,Nishinomiya)
2015.04 The 7th Roppongi Photo Contest Award Winning Exhibition/FUJIFILM SQUARE(Tokyo,Roppongi)
2013〜 Roppongi Designer's Flag Contest 5 consecutive Selected Exhibitions /Tokyo,Roppongi
2008.12 MOWA The Museum of Waste Art /LOOP A (Osaka)

… Media
2022.04  Applied Typography 2022(PIE International)
2022.02  Logo Designs that Communicate Trust & Honesty Attractive Logo Designs Grouped by Industry(PIE International)
2021.04  Branding with Style Branding that captivates the hearts of consumers(PIE International)
2021.04  Applied Typography 2021(PIE International)
2020.08  illustration FILE CHARACTER FILE 2020-21(GENKOSHA)
2020.04  Applied Typography 2020(PIE International)
2019.05  Impressive Illustration x Resonating Design(PIE International)
2019.04  Applied Typography 2019(PIE International)
2018.12  AD SELECT MONTHLY VOL.120 Event · Campaign(Libra publishing)
2018.08  Logo Design with Examples(PIE International)
2018.04  Applied Typography 2018(PIE International)
2017.05  AD SELECT MONTHLY VOL.102 Event · Campaign(Libra publishing)
2017.02  Featured designers in the evolving area(PIE International)
2017.01  AD SELECT MONTHLY VOL.98 Advertisement · CI · Logo · Character(Libra publishing)
2016.11  Design Note No.70「Logo & Mark of throughout Japan」(Seibundo Shinkosha)
2015.06  AD SELECT MONTHLY VOL.78 Event · Campaign(Libra publishing)

… Office
… LEADER Shimizu Shoten Inc.
HYOGO…Private Adress

TEL +81 72-700-2000 / E-mail info@leader-design.jp